Agile Connect

Agile Connect

Business Development System

Task Board

Track current tasks
on a Kan Ban board

Funnel Manager

A simple way to manage
the top contacts

Contact Activity

Metrics and a database
of all contact activity

Smart Mail

Send email campaigns
and measure the result

Maximize your business development process

Manage business development information and content

Improve and measure
communication of all channels

Track and measure results for
each targeted campaign

All software is open source, so it
is completely free

Keep up with a changing market
with regular retrospectives

Increase revenue by implementing
a proven process

About Us

For over 20 years we have been helping technology companies
improve their business development process. As markets and
technologies continue to change, the agile process has been the
best way to adapt to these changes.
We work directly with your sales and marketing effort to:

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Agile Business Development

The Agile Business Development process enables sales and marketing teams to improve and maximize their efforts.
Measuring results on a regular basis provides opportunities to refine the message as well at the prospect targets.




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Agile Connect

Agile Connect